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Irina Smolyanskaya

UX and Visual Design

Author / irinasdesign

Bot Framework

Microsoft Bot Framework is a comprehensive offering for building and deploying high quality bots that users can reach wherever they’re talking – from a website or app to Skype, Slack, Messenger and many other conversation channels. The framework consists of the Bot Builder SDK and Bot Connector. There’s also an emulator that you can use to test your bot.

Contribution: UX Design, Visual Design, User Research.

With: Colleen Estrada, Jeremy Cristiano, Kevin Korpi.

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Language Understanding

LUIS is a machine learning service that can be used to add natural language to apps, bots, and IoT devices. It is one of Cognitive Services from Microsoft. Contribution: UX Design, Visual Design, User Research. With: Colleen Estrada, Riham Mansour, Carol Hanna. is a human and AI powered service that automates the meeting scheduling process. It uses machine learning as well as a human in the loop. This is a service for busy people who need to schedule meetings with others. Contribution: UX Design, Visual Design.  With: Colleen Estrada, Jeremy Cristiano.

Snapshots of the Universe

Client: Stephen Hawking and Penguin Random House

Project: Snapshots of the Universe is a companion app for the Stephen Hawking’s books, A Brief History of Time and The Universe in a Nutshell. The goal of the project was to distill the complex content of the books into simple engaging experiments that explain the principles that control our universe. Concepts such as gravity, acceleration, relativity of motion, and “warped” space had to be presented in a way accessible to both kids and grown-ups.

Role: Visual design, illustration, UX design.

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Barbie Digital Makeover

Client: Mattel

Project: Face tracking technology transforms Barbie Digital Makeover into an augmented reality mirror. There are three ways to play:

  • Slide your iPad into Barbie Digital Makeover console and give yourself a mess-free virtual makeover
  • Try on different pre-designed looks
  • Take pictures and customize your photos using virtual stickers, frames and more.

Role: Visual design, illustration, participation in UX design, production.

See it in action:

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The Burn

Client: Haylie Pomroy and Penguin Random House

Project: The Burn is an iPhone and iPad app based on the Haylie Pomroy’s book, The Burn. It is designed to be a stand-alone app as well as a companion tool for the book. It is for those who need a weight-loss intervention or to simply re-attain balance in their bodies. The app offers a symptom checker to help users choose one of the three Burns that is best suited for them at the moment. The My Day section of the app offers a ready-to-go plan of attack as well as the ability to customize it to users’ specific needs.

Role: UX design, visual design.

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Leap TV, Game Console

Client: LeapFrog

Project: Leap TV is an educational, active video gaming console made for kids aged 3-8 years. The goal was to create UX and UI for the console, to build an environment that is easy to use, engaging but unobtrusive, entertaining and valuable for kids, and empowering for grownups. Leap TV was released in September, 2014.

Role: Visual design, participation in UX design.


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Monster High: Gorientation

Client: Mattel

Project: Gorientation was an enhancement to the already existing registration process and site gamification. The goal was to introduce girls to what’s available on the site by creating a welcome page, a packet of fun welcome printables and a student ID generator. We also introduced a new site currency and created an achievement dashboard.

Role: Visual design, UX design.

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Barbie Fashionistas

Client: Mattel

Project: Barbie Fashionistas is an app for iPhone and iPad. Girls are invited to mix and match trendy looks on their favorite Fashionistas dolls in the Dressing Room and to create their own custom designs in the Design Studio which they can later try on. The Dressing Room offers the fabulous free play of creating fashionable looks with the swipe of a finger. The exciting twist is that girls can use their fingers or a ring accessory to transform outfits. It’s a fun mixture of two different worlds, physical and digital.

Role: Visual design and production.

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